Architrave Stone Carving, located in Minneapolis, MN, is dedicated to the design and production of unique hand-carved works in limestone and marble utilizing tools and techniques handed down through the centuries.
The beauty, charm and elegance of natural stone, carved by hand, will last for generations to come.

Products and Services

Architrave Stone Carving can provide many hand-carved stone products and services including:

• Fireplace mantels and surrounds
• Architectural detail and ornament (new and restoration)
• Fountains and benches
• Statuary and relief carving
• Ecclesiastic and funerary art
• Memorials
• Design services
• Installation

Hand-Carved Stone

Carved stone is as old as humanity itself. Carved stone figurines tens of thousands of years old have been found and represent mankind's first attempts to portray the human figure. Stone carvers have been employed for centuries to enhance and beautify public, private and sacred architecture. From ancient temples to gothic cathedrals, roman forums to office buildings, palazzos to bungalows, hand-carved stone has added a truly unique touch.

Whether it's a custom stone fireplace, architectural detail, bench, fountain, or statuary, hand-carved stone can add beauty and value to any building or landscape. Hand carved stone can provide interest and a personal touch to any private home or commercial building.

We can help you come up with a unique design, or we can work directly from your existing plans or blueprints. Due to the nature of hand carving there are no pre-set sizes or shapes- virtually anything is possible: ornate carvings, crisp modern designs, or simple rustic shapes can all be realized. Carved stone can compliment and enhance any style.

Unlike cast stone which is a mixture of cement and crushed stone poured into ready-made molds, natural limestone, which was formed millions of years ago from the bodies and shells of living creatures, has qualities that can not be equaled by cast stone products. The texture, color and overall feel of natural stone, carved by hand, is the result of a partnership between the stone and the stone carver. Each piece of stone has its own unique character, and it is up to the skill, artistry and craftsmanship of the stone carver to bring each piece to life.

Ars longa, vita brevis

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